Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bursting my Soap Bubble

I love making soap! I used to make a lot of soap - and I miss that. The excitement of getting creative, looming over my micas, clays, fragrance oils, essential oils and various tools and wondering what type of design to create this time. I had dreams of opening my own little 'brick & mortar' handmade soap shop. How much fun would that be?!

But then another job opportunity came up and I took it - and I really love it!  BUT, I must remember the Simple Pleasures in life will keep everything in balance. There are some great new soap techniques to try. Then there's that new book I really want to read. And it's been a while since I've had all my kids home for dinner. And that cool idea on Pintrest - I could totally do that! I set out to to create one Simple Pleasure, just the way I used to, then get side-tracked planning the next one, then in frustration nothing happens.

My Bubble has been BURST! Soooo.....

My new mission in life is not to drop the things I once used to love doing often, but to scale back and learn to enjoy them in smaller doses.

After four months of no soaping at all, I did finally manage to get a few new bars made. My house is starting to smell really good again!

Guniess Beer Shea Butter Bar

Black Cherry Bomb Shea Butter Bar

Cherry Blossom Shea Butter Bar

Mango Tangerine Shea Butter Bar

Now that I think of it - I've really missed blogging too! Hopefully I can rectify that this year as well!

So now I'm wondering ... What are your Simple Pleasures in life?