Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spin, Spin, Spin....

It's Soap Challenge Club time! This time the challenge is to make a Spinning Swirl Soap.

I've been telling myself for a while now that I will NOT buy a slab mold - I like my logs just fine, thank you very much! But sometimes you just gotta have a slab mold. I found a lovely sturdy box that does the job. And I gotta admit - I like it.

For my first attempt I pulled out my white and pink kaolin clays, rose clay, dead sea mud powder and activated charcoal. Then I pulled out my essential oils and mixed up a batch of lavender, mint and rosemary.I was going for a spa type bar.


I guess I got a little aggressive with the spinning - what a mess! I was a little worried about the edges getting muddied and the center not really 'swirling' too well.

(Kudos to all you soap makers who can take pictures during the process! It just doesn't work for me!)

It swirled beautifully, despite my worries.

Spinning Swirl Soap
The difference between the pink kaolin and rose clay is very subtle
After the cut I was rather pleased! Pleased enough to give it another go. This time I used Nurture's purple and yellow vibrance micas and apple martini green from Two Blooms in Victoria for colourants. This bar is fragranced with Blackberry Sage fragrance oil. 
In the mold

This fragrance oil has typically behaved well for me. But it thickened up quicker than I thought it would. I didn't think the swirl moved very well. 

No need to worry - the swirls turned out great!



Again, I was pleasantly surprised when I cut it.
As always, thanks so much for the challenge, Amy! I really like this technique!