Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A New Challenge

Not having a slab mold I really didn't know how well this month's Soap Challenge Club project would go. The Helix/DNA swirl is a surface swirl that's best showcased in a slab mold.

But I chose to not let that hold me back. I've been wanting to make a rainbow soap for a long while now, so that's what I did. I topped it with layer of white and then added a line of soap in each rainbow colour down the length of the soap. Out came the chopstick and away I went!

Helix Swirl in the mold
Most of the colours were Nurture's Vibrance Micas with the exception of the yellow and blue - they were sample packs from Rustic Essential. For the red and orange I added a bit of oxide to the Vibrance Micas.
Out of the mold - I really like this!
No ash yet - here's hoping it will stay away!
Scented with orange, lemon and litsea cubeba essential oils. This soap makes me happy!!

Another great challenge - thanks Amy!