Friday, January 23, 2015

Time for another Soap Challenge!

I love being part of the Soap Challenge Club hosted by Amy at Great Cakes Soapworks! Unfortunately I haven't had a lot of time this past year to take part, but I hope to change that this year.

January's soap challenge is the Butterfly Swirl. What a great challenge for the first month of the year!

I knew that white and yellow wouldn't provide a huge contrast for a brilliant butterfly, but I was eager to make a lemon soap and I don't mind subtle. So that's where I was headed with this one.

Fresh Lemon in the mold.    

This soap is scented with Litsea Cubeba and 5-Fold Lemon Essential Oils and is coloured with Nurture's Yellow Vibrance Mica and Titanium Dioxide. I was so eager to make soap that I forgot to take pictures of the process!

"I think I see a butterfly!"
This Butterfly is a little bigger.
End to end instead of side by side
I love this swirl!

Gorgeous detail!

 I tried not to deviate from Amy's instructions while swirling with the hanger. The only thing I did differently was to use a regular plastic coated wire hanger, only because I was too impatient (or lazy) to rig up something thicker.

I love the results I got! So much so that I just had to do it again - this time with more colour.

Once again I became completely engrossed in the soap making and didn't take pictures of the process! This bar is scented with Nature's Garden Sweet Orange Chili Pepper Fragrance oil and is coloured with Nurtures Orange, Green and Red Vibrance Micas and Titanium Dioxide.

Now THAT'S a Butterfly!

This Butterfly is a little more exotic!

I LOVE the Butterfly swirl! And I'm off to make another one! Thanks for the great tutorial and challenge Amy!!


  1. Hi Eileen you can split a straw length wise and wrap it around your wire hanger to make it a little thicker. That's what I did and it worked after I taped it in place! LOL

    I love this orange one the combination is outstanding and I see the butterfly too!

  2. I see your butterfly as well in the orange. I love the sculpted tops of the lemon one!

  3. That's a really gorgeous technique and yours came out SO well! I love them both.

  4. Isn't this so much fun?? Love both your soaps, and yes, the second one really came out neat!! Really like the scalloped edges of the wings in the second one. :)

  5. I love them both also. The yellow ones at the top make me want to touch them. Great job on some beautiful soaps.

  6. It turned out so lovely. Yellow is my favorite color so I adore your soap =)