Thursday, July 17, 2014

Colour Challenge - Mineral Autumn

I loved making my soap for the first Colour Challenge so much I just couldn't resist trying it again with the second palette that Amy from Greatcakes Soapworks had presented - mineral autumn.
Design Seeds Mineral Autumn Colour Palette

Originally I was going to create a soap with these colours using micas and oxides, like the last colour challenge, and then choose the soap I liked best to enter for the challenge. But then I remembered that I had some herb infused olive oil I started several months ago - paprika and annatto.
Paprika Infused Olive oil and Annatto Seed Infused Olive oil

So the decision was made - we're going All Natural with this soap. And yes, all 5 colours in the palette.

Weighing out the olive oil for colourants
My recipe for this soap included Olive, Coconut, Apricot Kernel, Palm Kernel and Castor oils, as well as a pinch of Tussah Silk. For the colours I used
  • Orange - Paprika infused olive oil
  • Red - Rose Clay
  • Black - Activated Charcoal
  • Yellow - Annatto infused olive oil
  • Natural - White Kaolin Clay & Dead Sea Mud Powder

Mixing the natural colourants
I made my soap as usual, but shorted the olive oil by 5 ounces. In each of 3 pouring containers I poured 1 ounce of olive oil. Then I added the Rose Clay to the first, Activated Charcoal to the second and White Kaolin Clay to the third. In each of the other 2 pouring containers I added 1 ounce Paprika infused olive oil and 1 ounce Annatto infused olive oil. Then I divided my soap batter equally in the five pouring containers, by weight for accuracy.

The white kaolin clay was a little too light, so I added about 1/4 tsp dead sea mud powder.

Now for the fun! I did a tiger stripe pour, and when that was done I swirled the soap with a spoon, but only one rotation with the spoon before moving down the soap mold. Then I swirled the top a bit.

I like it!
The cut bar

Mineral Autumn All Natural Handmade Soap scented with Spearmint & Anise essential oils

I had never used Rose Clay before. Brambleberry generously provided a package of it at the HSCG Soap Conference so I was happy to have a chance to test it.  I was surprised the colour came out as dark as it did. I was glad I added the Dead Sea Mud Powder; although it was only a tiny amount that was added, it was enough for the job. Somehow the yellow was completely lost.

Overall, I'm happy with this bar. Many Thanks to Amy again for the inspiration!


  1. I love your colors and the swirl. I never thought of using rose clay for the red! That's a great idea and I will give it a try soon. Thank you for this and the tip on the swirl!

  2. Very pretty - your soap turned out great!

  3. That's a really pretty soap. I love what you did with the modified tiger pour. Rose clay always takes me a bit by surprise too, darkening as much as it does when you wet it!