Saturday, September 7, 2013

Soda Ash - be GONE!

Have I mentioned how much I hate Soda Ash?? Just because I hate it though, doesn't mean it hasn't reared it's ugly head into my soap room. And I have tried everything to deal with it. I have
  • covered my peak topped soap mold as much as possible
  • sprayed tops with alcohol
  • dipped ash covered soap in a water bath
  • steamed the ash with a kettle
Each method worked a bit, but not to my satisfaction. So it was time to suck it up and 'embrace' the Soda Ash. After all, it's not harmful, just ugly. So with the right attitude it is possible to convince people that it's part of the design. Right??

Well, a few weeks ago I read somewhere in Soaper's Blogland about a method someone used to more effectively steam away soda ash. They created a dome of sorts around their ash covered soap along with a steaming cup of water, left it for about 20 minutes and, ta-da! no more soda ash!! I tucked that tidbit of info into the back of my mind.  (My deepest apologies to the wonderful soap maker who blogged about this - I can't remember who you are. Please stand up and take credit if you are in the room!)

Then I made some gingerbread embeds that I hoped to use in a seasonal soap that I was planning. And sure enough, Soda Ash showed up!

My poor disfigured soda ash covered Gingerbread boys.      

Oh, Soda Ash, why???

It was time to try this new-found trick.

Ring around the steaming water bowl

The only 'dome' I could find - it fit.
After 20 minutes I removed the 'dome'. Don't they look GREAT?!
Thirty minutes later they are dry and still look great!

I am a happy soaper!!!


  1. Soda ash can be such a frustrating little thing! I'm glad you have found a way of getting rid of it that works for you. =)

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