Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Peacock Swirl

Once again Amy from Greatcakes Soapworks has issued a soap making challenge, this time using the Peacock Swirl technique. I've tried this technique before for Erica's Colour Palette Challenges at Bath Alchemy. At that time I used a small recycled container that was about 8"X 8". For this challenge I used a mold that I made from coroplast that measures 12" X 9" and lined it with very thin silicone baking mat. For the rake I used what I had on hand, which was another piece of coroplast and some bolts; when the bolts were screwed into the coro they were very sturdy, straight and didn't move. I quite liked that.

Everything is prepped and ready to go
I have to say, I thought Amy's method of pouring a solid base before adding the coloured stripes was pure GENIUS! I didn't like the muddied up edges of my last peacock swirl attempt. I poured a pale blue base, then layered stripes of orange, yellow, green and purple.

Ready to 'rake'

I almost left it like this - I really liked the look here. But that wouldn't be a Peacock swirl, so I continued.

Don't you just love the look of wet soap?! It's all shiny and bright. These are the colours I wanted for the final soap. But alas, the shine goes away and the bright colours lose some intensity.

When I came back to my soap the next morning there were HUGE cracks throughout. I wish I had my camera and could have taken pictures. I remembered seeing a youtube video on how to repair soap cracks so I quickly went in search of it. Just about every bar had a crack in it, but 2 in particular were so large I didn't think anything could fix it. But Bonnie's method worked beautifully!

Thanks for another great challenge, Amy! Looking forward to the next one!!