Saturday, March 30, 2013

A New Challenge!

Amy from Greatcakes Soapworks has done it again - she's issued a challenge to soapmakers around the globe to try new soap making techniques. How can I resist? First up: Tiger Stripes. I had been hoping to try the Tiger Stripes for a while and this was the perfect opportunity. And although it may lack some creativity, I embraced the whole 'tiger' theme. Why?
  • Tigers are beautiful animals
  • I love the colour orange
  • My favorite childhood ice cream was (and still is) Tiger ice cream
  • I love using natural colourants and I had some paprika infusing in olive oil.
So I present to you my Tiger Tails handmade soap.

Tiger Tail Cocoa Butter Bar
This bar is made with olive, coconut, avocado, palm kernel and castor oils with a healthy addition of cocoa butter. It's coloured with paprika infused olive oil and activated charcoal, and it's scented with aniseed and orange essential oils. And for added luxury it contains tussah silk.

Wet soap in the mold
 I started pouring a little too thin, but it didn't take long for the soap to thicken up. I was afraid the orange would fade, but it seems the opposite happened, much to my delight. Taking pictures throughout the process wasn't going to happen though, as I needed to work quickly. One whiff of this bar and I can almost taste that yummy licorice and orange ice cream of my childhood days!

Be sure to check out the other participants soaps - they are all amazing! Thanks Amy for the challenges, I love taking part in them!


  1. So lovely done, Eileen!
    The white on top makes a nice tiger' face'!
    Beautiful natural colorants!

  2. So pretty! I love the effect! Beautiful lines & colors!

  3. You really nailed it! Beautiful colors and stripes. And I just love anise and orange, especially anise. I did not know that you can get so dark orange with only paprika.

  4. I love to see wet soap in the mold. I do see a tiger in the soap. Well done.

  5. So beautiful and the coloring is just gorgeous. Nice match on the fragrance!!

  6. Wow... it almost looks like faces. Very cool and pretty. Love it!

  7. Love - really beautiful soap :) Linda

  8. Perfect tiger-well done!

  9. I love that you actually fragranced it like tiger ice cream, so cool! And what a striking natural orange you got from the paprika...gorgeous stripes, and the soap sounds decadent with the cocoa butter and silk.

  10. So pretty! Actually, I like better the upper part,where the stripes are not quite tiger type! Anyway,it's perfect!

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