Monday, October 29, 2012

They're Finally Ready!

Yup, it's true. I love putting together quad paks - they're a theme selected grouping of soaps along with a soap net that are packaged all pretty. I've been working on this pak for quite a while; in fact it was the first one that I planned but for some reason ended up being the third to complete. I searched the world wide web for the perfect organza bag and came up empty, so I started making my own bags as well, and I'm rather pleased with the whole look. Yesterday was a beautiful day here. The warmer temperatures melted most of the snow from the roads and sidewalks, the sky was a perfect blue with a few wisps of white clouds, and there was no wind to infuse the body with chills. I couldn't resist taking these photos outside.
Introducing the Four Seasons Quad Gift Pak
All wrapped up in a sky blue organza bag.

Aerial View - from top clockwise
Apple Pumpkin Spice, Cracklin Birch, Spearmint Avocado, Summerberries

Left to Right
Cracklin Birch, Summerberries, Apple Pumpkin Spice, Spearmint Avocado


  1. What a fantastic idea! They look great, too, all unique in some beautiful packaging. They should make some good gifts. I wish I could smell them! :)

  2. Beautiful realization of a great idea!
    Indeed, each one of them is the color of a different season. A sweet gift for the coming holidays~

  3. Love this what a darling idea! Nice!

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