Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Street Tones Colour Palette Challenge

The second Colour Palette Challenge from Erica at Bath Alchemy is entitled "Street Tones". I really like these colours.

I used the same recipe and technique for this challenge as I did for the "Just Peachy" challenge. For Peacock Swirl - take II I used chromium green, hydrated chrome green, ultramarine blue and natural soap. For the blue I wanted a very light shade so I used just a smidgen; should have used a smidgen more as it is barely visable.

Wet soap - just swirled.
All was going just fine, I cut the soap into 6 bars and left them to cure for a few days before taking pictures. That's when my good friend (not) Ash appeared. And he laid it on thick, let me tell you!

Ash just had to come mute the colours!

I re-trimmed the edges to get a look at what might have been.

This guy is scented with lavender essential oil and spearmint fragrance oil. Smells gooood.


  1. You know, if you hadn't said there was ash, I would have never realized it. It is a beautiful soap. I really love the swirl. Next time, you can try spraying the raw soap with 91% isopropyl alcohol. It will prevent the ash.

    1. Thanks Erica. The ash covered fairly evenly, that is true. The thing is, I did spray it with alcohol (I found some 99% at the drug store), very liberally and there was no ash at all when I went to cut it. After that I didn't see the soap for several days, and when I came back to it I noticed the sides were a bit splotchy. That's when I scraped away at it and saw how heavy it was. Quite surprising. Perhaps for the next one I'll leave it longer before cutting.