Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Partial Gel - I REALLY hate it!

My new wooden soap molds have created a new problem for me - their capacity for insulating is far too good! The other day I made my Bamboo & Grapefruit Aloe & Yogurt soap and this is what I got.
Grrrrr! I tried a quick hanger swirl and then ran it - literally - to the freezer, where I left it until I went to bed about 6 hours later. That's when I transfered it to the fridge. The next day I let it sit on the counter in the mold until it was room temperature. I thought it looked beautiful, just what I was going for, until I pulled the freezer paper off the bottom and saw a nice bright stripe right down the entire length of the log. I waited until this morning to cut it.

So why bother preventing gel? My milk soaps tend to heat up so much that I end up with a deep cavernous crack down the middle of the log, even when soaping at low temps. Not at all like the notch in this particular bar - that just happens to be a dip in my textured top. Nope, cracks aren't pretty either.

I know - partial gels are purely asthetic, the soap is perfectly usable and I have to say, this soap feels great. But I think it looks ghastly! I really don't like the look of rebatched soap either so I think these will be shredded and added to another batch. I wonder what other soap makers do with their partially gelled soap.

On a brighter note, I also made a small batch of Goatmilk, Honey 'n Oats. I lined the bottom of the mold with bubble wrap so I could pour and run it to the freezer. Not having the bubble wrap on top to seal in the heat probably helped.

These are the 4th of my Milky Way quad paks that I'll be putting together.


  1. I usually rebatch soap with a partial gel. I think you get a beautiful soap if you put the rebatch soap in a high mold. Then you only get one soap that is ugly (or less attractive).

    1. Thanks for your comment - I think you are right. After shredding one bar of soap I realized that incorporating it into new batches would yield a LOT of soap loaves, so I pulled out the old soaping crockpot, melted down my soap shreds, added a few lilac coloured chunks and pressed it into my mold. After shaving the sides I like it! How long do you let your rebatched soap cure?

    2. Maby two or three weeks. I have so much soap so I´m not in a hurry to use a new one :)