Monday, July 9, 2012

New Shapes, New Sizes

I am so blessed to have a hubby who is happy to help me with whatever project I have in mind. Recently we made 5 new soap molds, and I couldn't be happier with them. Here are some of my latest soaps made in my new molds.

Baby Rose
Not crazy about the crackling - overhaeated t.d. perhaps??

Amaretto Almond
A remake of the Great Cakes Soap Challenge Bar - I added
the top layer in hopes that it would not become as dark as last time.
Dead Sea Bar

This is one big block of soap! Haven't decided if I like this shape/size yet

Man Pak - My first quad pak for men.
l-r: Light Beer (scented with litsea cubeba), Drakkar (inside a soap net),
Dark Beer (scented with coffee and amaretto fos), Green Irish Tweed.
Drakkar & Green Tweed are goat milk soaps - put them in the freezer right
away and still got a huge partial get - grrrrrr!
Perfect size for a soap net, though.

Milky Way Pak
l-r: Amaretto Almond (with almond milk), Ginger Yogurt (with greek yogurt),
Strawberry Cream (with coconut milk)


  1. I think all your new soaps look great! I especially love the baby rose soap, it's so pretty. =)

    1. Thank you Anne-Marie! I wasn't too sure about the baby rose fragrance oil when I ordered it from - I'm not much for florals. But this smells great! Not overpowering, quite feminine, I love it!

  2. They all look wonderful! Any tips on making my own soap molds?

    1. Thanks Robin! I don't make huge batches, so my molds aren't huge. Once I figured out how big I wanted my soaps to be it was just a matter of getting hubby to cut the wood for me. I wanted collapsable molds, so we got piano hinges to attach the sides to the base. Makes unmolding so nice. I'll post some pictures of my molds in the next day or two.