Monday, July 30, 2012

Lemon Zinger

I'm almost out of Lemon Zinger soap so it was time to make more. The first time I made this I added ylang ylang essential oil to lemon and litsea cubeba and must admit, I wasn't a fan of the scent at all. Ylang ylang sounds so exotic I couldn't imagine not loving it when I bought it online. With great anticipation I removed the lid, anxious to sniff and was rather disappointed. But I needed to use it so into the Lemon Zinger it went. After sitting on the curing rack for a while it was time to try it out in the shower. Wow! was I surprised. The tart lemon scent was just delicious, and the ylang scent was hardly even noticable. I went in search of more information on ylang ylang and found that it is sometimes used to anchor other scents in cp soap. I may not right off this essential oil after all. And yes, this current batch has an essential oil blend of lemon, litsea cubeba and ylang ylang.


  1. What a beautiful soap, i like the perfect yellow color. Did you get that by using natural color? Scent sounds absolutly delicious!
    Good job and a very pretty swirl too...

    1. Thank you! The yellow comes from Brambleberry's fizzy lemonade powder. I was out of annatto infused olive oil, which is what I would normally use in this soap. So I used the next best thing.

  2. Your soap is really amazing and thanks for your info regarding ylang-ylang. What a beautiful top!

  3. I love how you sculpted the top, great job, it's super cute! :)