Saturday, May 26, 2012

Landscape Challenge

I have to say, this challenge from Amy at Greatcakes Soapworks was one that I was really looking forward to and when it came, was so intimidated. The Landscape Challenge.
Winter Wonderland Dec 2011

It's not that I've never done it before. I made a Winter Wonderland soap this past winter where I made snowmen embeds and then just went with it and ended up with a landscape that I loved. I lost the whispy sky swirl, but the stearic speckles gave it a charming snowy effect, lol. For this week's challenge I actually had to plan to create a landscape. Yikes!
I'm a sky watcher. There's nothing in the sky that I don't love - it's totally untouched by human hands. When the sky bursts with brilliant colours in an evening sunset it takes my breath away and is proof positive that God delights to surprise us. So I went in search of a sunset photo for inspiration and found this absolutely gorgeous photo of a Canadian sunset.

Now I knew that I couldn't even come close to replicating this scene, but I gave it a shot.
Land of the Setting Sun
I chose to replace the road with rolling hills - that part isn't too bad. My sun sunk a little too low and I lost a lot of my colour. I poured directly over the sun yellow (oxide), then gold (mica), then tangerine (mica), then raspberry (mica). The first three colours looked very different from one another in their separete containters but were lost in the end. And the light clouds should have been a bit darker. Could have done without the bazillion air bubbles too.
I scented this with litsea cubeba, and for the first time ever, used tussah silk. Not stellar, I admit, but not a fail either. In fact, I kinda like it.


I'll keep looking skyward for those magnificently bright bursts of colour. And though I know I'll never re-create them in such brilliant spendor, I will keep trying in my soap!

Check out Amy's blog for some beautiful landscape soap creations.


  1. Love the greens. It give the soap so much depth and looks awesome!

  2. Your snowmen in Winter Wonderland 2011 are just what I needed!! It's interesting to read that even experienced soapmakers were nervous about this challenge. I think the three greens really set each other off - excellent colors....and the sun and sky are perfect as far as I'm concerned. So well done! I love the rolling hills look. I'm not sure if this was the goal, but the bar is a very calming one to look at. Peaceful. Well done!!

  3. I think that is exquisite!! Congratulations on your little beauties!

  4. Not stellar?? Are we looking at the same soap? Wow!! So many nsdifferent colors and textures! Love the rolling hills in the foreground and the gorgeous sunset colors!

    1. I'll say stellar! I think the winter wonderland is so darling I want one! Your sunset is nice and what a challenge you conquered. So many colors and angles and textures. I think the rolling hills with the setting sun are fabulous!

  5. I love all you ladies! These challenges have pushed me into trying things that I've either not considered trying or put off until I was 'ready' to try it. All of your lovely comments have boosted my confidence so that I am excited to take my soap making to the next level. THANK YOU all so very much!!

  6. This is definitely one of my favs...