Friday, May 4, 2012

Challenge #7 - Gradient Soap

This week's challenge from Amy at Great Cakes Soapworks was for a gradient soap. I decided to do a lemon-lime gradient beginning with green and ending with yellow. I'm still on my infusions kick so my green is coloured with spirulina infused olive oil and a bit of chromium green oxide. For the yellow I used the last of my annatto seed infused olive oil. I thought it would be enough to give me a light yellow. It's okay, but I wish I had added a bit of yellow oxide to it. Oh well - live and learn.

Lemon Lime Gradient log

I love this look!

Gasp - what is that?!

Can you see the teeny tiny yellow specks in there? When I first saw it I wondered if it was possible for DOS to settle in so quickly. I didn't think that was possible but they are everywhere! Then I pushed the replay on my brain and remembered shaking the jar with the annatto oil in it just before weighing it and then using my mini spatula to scrape out every bit of oil, including the residue on the bottom of the bowl. Upon further inspection I found not a single yellow speck in the bottom all green layer - the specks begin with the second layer and are more frequent as the layers lighten. So I'm assuming they are iddy biddy bits of annatto powder.

It's like a beacon!

They really are unsightly! Oh well...

I have loved doing all of the challenges so far, but I must say, dispite the ugly speckles in these bars, this has been my favorite challenge. I love this effect! I will definitely be doing this again, and soon.

Mama loves you anyway!


  1. Yup, those are Annatto powder... I had that happened to me before with chamomile infusion. Very nice soft gradient!

  2. These are gorgeous, Eileen!! I'm so glad you loved the challenge! Great theme and colors!

    1. Perhaps those tiny spots represent a little zest of life! Lovely gradients and choice of colors.

  3. I love the colors! I did green too! I'm in love with the gradient soaps!

  4. Your colours are beautiful, I think that the yellow spots add some character, they even fit with the lemon and lime theme. Like Pam said they could represent a zest for life. I am in love with lemon and lime, the colours and the zesty fragrance, even the odd yellow spot.

  5. Wow!! Your soap came out so beautiful and I love anything citrus. I bet it smells divine!!

  6. I think they are lovely, and would smell divine, x Linda

  7. The layers blend so well together. I'm amazed at how well graduated the colors are...beautiful.

  8. Hey everyone I got to meet Eileen today! In Portland and it was so fun!