Saturday, April 21, 2012

Challenge #5 - Scent Blends

The challenge of the week from Amy at Great Cakes Soapworks: "to make a soap using a new blend of either fragrance or essential oils (or a mix of both) you’ve created yourself using what you already have in your stash."

While I love the idea of creating my own unique scent blends, I really don't know much about the science of it all. Amy did a great job of explaining things, and provided some links to some great information on the subject. So I took a look at my stash and it seems I like citrus. So Citrus Bliss it is!

On to experimenting. I tried the drops on the paper towel as well as 'marinating' Q-tips in a ziplock bag. When I couldn't decide on which blend I liked the best I left it for a day and came back to it. For this reason I think I prefer the 'marinating' technique. What I ended up using was:
 ~ 3 parts orange  ~ 1 part lime
 ~ 1 part litsea      ~ 1 part ylang ylang

Batch was split in 2. The first part was coloured with paprika infused oil and orange peel granules; to the second part I added annatto infused oil and ground calendula petals.

Sometimes I can embrace soda ash, but not this time - it was kinda splotchy, so I washed it off. Hence, the shiny tops.

Colours aren't as vibrant as I had hope for, but I really like the texture. As for the scent - I like it. The orange is the first thing you smell, but I can detect the lime as well. Instead of a sweet orange it's more of a tart orange, which I prefer.

While I was making soap my daughter called; she is just finishing up the current semester at university in another city. I told her I was making a citrus blend for my weekly soap challenge and she suggested that I make a creamsicle soap. Hmmm. Orange and vanilla - I've got that. I don't think I have ever mixed an essential oil with a fragrance oil but hey, why not? Because vanilla, even 'non-darkening' vanilla turns brown, that's why not. But the point here is to experiment, right? So let's experiment....

There was no science involved in this formulation. I had exactly .5 oz of non-darkening vanilla fragrance oil, so to that I added 1 oz 5-fold orange essential oil and added this my 34 oz of oils.

Two-thirds of the batch got the rest of my paprika infused oil, the remaining 1/3 got a dose of titanium dioxide.

The ash is embracable in this one.

Dreamsicle - with goats milk and greek yogurt.

I cut these yesterday and today the orange is a little orangier and the ivory hasn't really darkened. That was a surprise. As was the partial gel. With both goats milk and yogurt I thought it best to pop this puppy in the freezer right away, but I still got a partial gel. Oh well, you really have to look to see it. And the smell - oh WOW - this is a keeper for sure! I love it. When I put it under hubby's nose he said "hey, that smells just like a creamsicle!" Yes it does! But I remember that delectable treat as a 'dreamsicle'; am I the only one?? I will definately be making this one again.

Be sure to check out Amy's blog for the other participants' results!


  1. So fabulous, Eileen!! Both soaps are definitely keepers! I love the orange color you got with just a paprika infusion (tucking that bit of info into my overcrowded brain)! :)

  2. Wow, they are both fabulous, and both would definitely smell wonderful, I love them both, xx Linda

  3. They both are wonderful! I love citrus blends. I imagine they smell like heaven. I have a jar of annatto seeds marinating in a big jar. Trying to decide what to do with it still. I used paprika infusion in the past but got of a more peach color. You must have the perfect paprika. Kudos to you ;)