Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cold Process soap for Teeth? Really??

I recently came across a thread on the Soap Making Forum about tooth soap. Intrigued, I decided to do some research and found a number of testimonials on the benefits of tooth soap. Users have reported cleaner and whiter teeth, healthier gums, a decrease in tooth sensitivities, less plaque build-up at dental hygiene check-ups and fresher breath. One website claimed that the lack of glycerin was what made the difference, which doesn't make any sense to me since glycerin is a natural by-product of the handmade soap process. Still, who can resist the call to experiment with this new soap??

First I needed a recipe. I decided on olive oil and cocoa butter, a smidgen of stevia and a tich of peppermint essential oil, and some baking soda to whiten. While shopping, hubby and I came across some silicone square ice cube trays that had me fairly excited. Hubby agreed that we needed new ice cube trays, until I explained to him that silicone ice cube trays to a soaper does not translate to ice. Sheesh, you'ld think he'd know by now!

Aren't they adorable? I think the 1.25 inch square is perfect for swiping the head of a toothbrush on. It stands to reason that the small size would mean shorter curing time. However, this is an almost castile soap, so I will still leave it to cure for at least a month. Should be enough time to line up some brave testers!


  1. Did it work? And did it taste like soap?

  2. It worked rather nicely, thanks for asking! My teeth feel much cleaner than with traditional tooth paste, I have a couple of stains between my teeth that have lightened considerably. It doesn't taste very minty, I didn't know how much eo to add so I didn't add much, but it doesn't taste like soap either. Hubby noticed whiter teeth, my sister feels her teeth are cleaner and I haven't heard back from my other testers, I'll have to give them a call. I think the real test will be when I go for a cleaning in the next month or so :-)

  3. I´m very surprised to hear that! :) I was laughing about the tought of cleaning my teeth with soap. Maby I should also try and see for myself :D