Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cold Process soap for Teeth? Really??

I recently came across a thread on the Soap Making Forum about tooth soap. Intrigued, I decided to do some research and found a number of testimonials on the benefits of tooth soap. Users have reported cleaner and whiter teeth, healthier gums, a decrease in tooth sensitivities, less plaque build-up at dental hygiene check-ups and fresher breath. One website claimed that the lack of glycerin was what made the difference, which doesn't make any sense to me since glycerin is a natural by-product of the handmade soap process. Still, who can resist the call to experiment with this new soap??

First I needed a recipe. I decided on olive oil and cocoa butter, a smidgen of stevia and a tich of peppermint essential oil, and some baking soda to whiten. While shopping, hubby and I came across some silicone square ice cube trays that had me fairly excited. Hubby agreed that we needed new ice cube trays, until I explained to him that silicone ice cube trays to a soaper does not translate to ice. Sheesh, you'ld think he'd know by now!

Aren't they adorable? I think the 1.25 inch square is perfect for swiping the head of a toothbrush on. It stands to reason that the small size would mean shorter curing time. However, this is an almost castile soap, so I will still leave it to cure for at least a month. Should be enough time to line up some brave testers!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finally got the camera out again!

I finally took some pictures of the soaps that I made a couple of posts ago.The first one I originally created as a facial bar for myself. I love the calming essential oil blend, I find it very soothing.

Next is the citrus bar. This one is a favorite among my customers, and I must admit, I like it too. I didn't add any colourant to this, relying on the colours in the 5-fold orange essential oil and litsea cubeba essential oil. Next time I will add micas again. The citrus smell is yummy though.

Then there's my Snowman soap. How fun was this one to make! It's scented with a clean smelling fragrance oil blend. This is my idea of celebrating our white winter.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tweaking the Package

I spent most of today wrapping and labelling my soap. There are so many great ways to package soap. I finally settled on shrinkwrap because it allows the soap to be seen at a glance while still protecting it. Recently I found some "smell through" wrap and you really can smell through it! Yeah!! Then came the labelling which needed some serious re-thinking. My sister suggested that I create a longer label with the ingredient list wrapping to the bottom of the soap.

Yup, the new label (on the right) is much easier to read than the old label (on the left), I like it. Thanks Sis!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's not all play!

I was itching to make soap the other night but I am practicing the art of discipline. In preparing for an upcoming Christmas Craft fair in just over a week I still needed to submit my 'Cosmetic Notification Forms' for a few of  my soaps. It's a process I don't enjoy, all those INCI names make my head spin. But here in Canada it is a must, so I will comply. I determined to complete them and get them in the mail before allowing myself to soap some favorites. Success! I made 2 batches; the first with a wonderful essential oil blend of lavender, chammomile, fennel and peppermint, with a middle swirl of pink koalin. I love the smell! The second was a side by side pour of 5 fold orange and litsea cubeba with ground calendula flowers. My whole house smells citrussy - gotta love it!  I am a happy soaper!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Well who'd'a thunk it?

Certainly not me! Isn't it strange how life takes a turn here and there and you don't even realize it until you're on a new road? About a decade ago I bought a soap making book just because I enjoy the crafty side of life. Intrigued by the very idea of making soap, I began experimenting in my kitchen, beginning with rendering my own tallow and hand stirring for hours! It was a huge batch that lasted my family for months. Armed with the new information acquired from the experience, I went on a quest to learn all I could about soapmaking. I ditched the animal fats and replaced them with a variety of rich and nourishing vegetable oils and butters; I purchased a stick blender to cut back on the time factor; I was hooked!

So now what? The house is loaded down with enough soap to last a decade. Hmmm. The options:
      a) stop making soap
      b) start selling my soap so I could make more

I think I feel a soap making session coming on!